You gather arcane energies about you while grasping your staff tighter.

Grasping the energies from the woodland proves slightly tedious as you run in the direction of the scream. How you regret not listening to your teacher when he was telling you how to focus your mind whilst do other activities. Finally you stop, breathe deeply and focus yourself. Power begins to flow through you like liquid and you feel rejuvenated knowing that you have a store of power now you run on to see what has made all the noise.

Gradually you can hear the noises clearly and you tread carefully, sticking to the shadows. Although not quite as good as perhaps an assassin or a thief might do it is enough perhaps to avoid casual glances from whoever is there. Standing still hardly daring to breathe you count five men, all in armour. Four gathered around a central man. The central guard is big and bulky, probably captain of the guard, he has his sword bared and half of it resting on his shoulders as he squares up to a pretty young girl who is dancing on the other side of a thin thicket of trees. Looking round you see that though the other guards aren't moving they're waiting to catch the girl. the girl stops and looks at you. Then you recognize her. The Girl from your dreams. The Girl who was the reason why you were out in the woods this night. But alas it seems though the guards have caught her first.

"You, in the shadows, show yourself" comes the harsh bark of the guard who keeps his eyes on the girl. Looking at the girl you see the sparling eyes and beauty of the likes that has been rare in your life. Sensing that resistance to the mans order would only make the situation much worse you take a deep breath and step from the shadows.

Realising that the girl isn't likely to go anywhere while boxed in the man turns to you, "So you come hunting abominations too? in search of a little gold to line your pocket, eh peasant?"

Your inside coil at the name peasant but you do not let your anger take hold, remembering all to well what happened last time and the cause of why you have spent so many nights on the road. You look at the girl sensing her predicament, lying to the guard will not help her and telling the truth will only bring harms rope encircling you too. Its been all to clear what the country thinks of magic as you have passed through numerous villages seeing the bloated carcasses of "witches" being burnt on public pyres.

Your hesitation proves deadly for your chance to help the girl and she knows it as the guard rounds on you fully allowing his blade to drop slightly showing he means business,

"You come for her. Do you dare deny it?"

The End

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