You pull a sword from the scabbard at your hip.

Tossing the newly forged blade between your hands, you advance through the trees.

The scream rings out again, clearer and nearer. It doesn't sound pained, only frantic. Still, you proceed in caution.

As you emerge from the trees you see her, tall and slender like the young trees in the clearing. Her hands are wrapped in blue light, her face a grim mask of concentration. Your eyes follow her own gaze to a point a few meters ahead of her, where two beasts do battle.

One is a hulking mass of muscle, gray plates like rocks shrouding its mossy body. Its opponent is a tower of shining steel, all barbs and blades.

A golem? you wonder.

The mountain of metal seems vaguely human in shape, with dull blue light echoing eyes, a perfect match to the energy sparking about the woman's figure.

She screams again, the machination drives forward. The beast, too, utters a low growl, a sound felt in the bones rather than heard.

Eyes darting among the three beings, you are unsure what to do.

The woman is obviously an Assembler, a mage gifted in the art of golem-crafting. The golem itself seems to be the agressor in this situation, though the beast is easily maintaining its ground due to its heavy armour. You know that the steel will soon smash through those plates, though, so time is of the essence if you want to assist the creature.

The End

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