N.B. I'm not sure on this chapter, it's the weakest one in the story, but I had to include it to get the ball rolling. 



Subject: Religious Education                              Term: Summer

Teacher’s comments:

Mickey is a conscientious student, who understands that people have different views. In class, he always puts forward interesting and philosophical arguments, and responds to his classmates in a mature and sensible manner. He constantly achieves excellent grades, and he excels in his class work. For a young man of just sixteen, Mickey is an excellent example to the rest of his year. He combines his intelligence with humour, captivating his audience and is admired by students and teachers alike.


A after A.

Party after party.

Girlfriend after girlfriend.

Life was good, life was easy. But I knew, deep down, I wasn’t happy. There was something missing.

I didn’t like all these girls I dated. They knew that. It was just a laugh, a bit of fun.

My life was going at one hundred miles per hour, but I wasn’t going anywhere. It was like I was going the wrong way on a moving platform, and for every step forward I took, I would simply move one back. I could see my goal in the distance, but I couldn’t reach it.

I needed a change of gear.

The End

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