The cloaked man opened the door from the inside, and stepped out.

Ben was shattered, but fear and adrenaline kept him awake. Ben automatically stood up, and shook the man's hand. Ben didn't know why he was doing it, he just felt like he should. But he soon snapped out of it, and teared his hand away.

"How did you...?" he began, but the man interrupted.

"That is not necessary to know right now. My name is Marco Thompson. This may be a little strange for you at this moment, but..."

"A little strange? I can't believe you did this! You broke into my car, and, and... How did you get into my car, anyway?" Ben screamed.

"I already told you, you will know in good time.' the man grasped Ben's shoulder, and continued speaking, 'Now, if you would like to come with me."

"Get off of me! I demand to know what is going on!" Ben fumed.

Ben didn't know what to do. He looked around for a few seconds. No one even knew he was there. No one even knew he was shouting at this man.

Ben stared into the man's large, grey eyes. They stared back blankly. Marco Thompson was calm and patient. Only one thing went through Ben's head at that moment.

Run, Ben! Run!

So Ben ran. He ran up the street, and turned left. It didn't matter about his car. He wanted to get away from that freak show.

He continued running, and looked back. The man was staring back, doing nothing. Just watching. This freaked Ben out. He'd had enough. He needed to show this man who was boss. He stormed back towards him, still unable to say anything. He was going to fight Marco Thompson.

The End

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