Ben keeps seeing things. People. Cloaks. Everwhere. At home, at work, in town. He just can't get them out of his head. Maybe the only way to get them out of his head is to face them...




Ben stood outside the shop, gawping at  the pair of jeans in the window. They were amazing, dark and casual. He wished he could buy them, but he couldn't. He didn't have the money. He still had to pay his rent, and he had to pay for the gas metre as well.  He reluctantly peeled his eyes away. He started walking towards the town centre, completely forgetting about the jeans. He needed to get back to his car before the traffic warden gave him a ticket. He glanced at his watch. He might make it.

As Ben glanced up from his watch, he saw it again. He did a double-take. A black cloak lay on the stone floor. He looked around. Nobody was taking any notice of it. He backed away slightly. This had been happening for a week now. Ben had been seeing either cloaks laying on the floor for no particular reason, or men in dark cloaks, staring at him from far away, either at work, at home, or somewhere else.

Ben had thought it was just coincidence at first, but he was now getting increasingly afraid. What was happening? Was he going mad? Was somebody playing a practical joke on him? He started walking again, faster this time. He needed some sleep. He was stressed.

Ben finally got to his car. He fumbled around in his wallet, and shakily found his keys. As he was unlocking the car, he collapsed onto the floor in shock, and backed up against the cold wall, terrified. There was a cloaked figure  staring at him, sitting in his car.


The End

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