Cloaked in ShadowsMature

Four teenagers manage to put a much wanted criminal in jail, but when he returns, out for revenge, all hell breaks loose. Chased from London to Liverpool and back, the secret carried by one of them could destroy them all...


            One cloudy day in the middle of June, the casual observer might have seen four teenagers walk out of Paddington street station. He or she may have thought that they were in London for the shops, or the cinema. Perhaps they were meeting other friends, or relations. Maybe they were coming home from somewhere.  

            They couldn’t have been further from the truth.

            These four teenagers – me, Robyn West and my best friends Alex, Freddie and Steph – are trying to keep one step ahead of the people after us. We know too much. Our lives are in danger from someone who, by all accounts, should be locked up in prison.

            Our nightmare didn’t begin that cloudy day in June, however. It began on a sunny weekend in May 3 years previously.

            One of us will come through this after major surgery. One of us will come through with no more than a few cuts and bruises. One of us will come out with a shattered life. And one will not come through this at all.

            Steph, Freddie, Alex. And me, Robyn.

            Join us if you dare.

The End

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