Once settled in it was time for Clive peck and his parents to make the most of of their holiday in Netherwood.

It was now Sunday and it was time to go down to breakfast with all the other guests. Soon after it was time to go upstairs and get ready to go out and take a walk.

The walk took them down a dirt track road called St Helen's Park Road, not far from St Helen's Woods.

The other outings included Battle and Rye.

One day Clive Peck created a scene when he wanted to buy a bus timetable, but couldn't, so he walked off and made his own way back to Netherwood.

Every evening it was off to the pavilion for evening entertainment, provided by the holidaymakers themselves as it was a guest house.

Every morning it was off to the seafront, having to walk down the Ridge and up to Elphinstone Road to pick up the bus,

The holiday lasted for a week.




The End

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