The date in which the school was due to pack up for the summer holiday was scheduled to begin on July 28th, but, because Clive Peck's holiday was booked for Saturday, July 25th, Clive Peck's parents got onto the headmaster by phone to tell him that their seaside holiday was due to begin that weekend.

To prepare himself for the forthcoming holiday which was due to start the following day, Clive peck went upstairs to have a shower, got dressed and packed his suitcase as he had to be out of the building by 3pm sharp.  Once done the boy then made his way downstairs to the entrance hall and out of the building through the front entrance.

Once outside the boy had to wait for the taxi to come and take him home.

Along came the taxi, and before you could say Jim Sausage Clive made his way into the taxi  and off they went, his parents and him together.

The car made it's way down the Drive, then out through the school gate, down the slip road, then onto then onto the main road.  

The journey took approximately two hours.

Once home Clive Peck had to get ready and have a bath and clean up as he was due to start his seaside holiday the next day. 

Clive had to make an early night as he had to be up by 6am the next day because he had to be out of the house by 7am, due to the fact that he had to be on the coach by 8am, as it was four hour  journey, barring traffic jams. However, there were traffic jams on the way. Because of this the coach took two hours longer than expected.





The End

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