Clive Peck arrived home at lunchtime and quickly got settled in as it was real change of routine to be home for the holiday after spending weeks in boarding school, especially after his weekend leave had been suspended due to the fact that he made his own way home when he should have waited in the entrance for his dad to come and collect him at 6.30 pm  on the head teacher's orders.

It was great to be home at last, for the holiday, and the start of a holiday that was to last for two weeks and five days, and a real novelty.

After lunch Clive Peck read some books and watched television, as well as drawing and going out for walks.

When Clive Peck unpacked his suitcase he sorted his clothes out, but saw something that wasn't quite right, for in his case was someone else's pyjamas - belonging to Raymond Alabaster, a boy at his school. Somehow, the matron, Mrs Bell Wringer had made a mistake.


                              THE SCHOOL HOLIDAY END'S

In January after 19 days it was time to go back to boarding school.

The End

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