The boys waited in the entrance hall for the coach to come and at 10am it came.

everyone got on the coach and had to be checked over and when all was well the coach sped off, saying goodbye to the school.

the coach sped down  the driveway and down to the school gates . the gates opened and out they sped into the outside and onto the road.

the coach traveled through the country, dropping boys off at various points near their homes.

before long Clive Peck was dropped off at his destination - Bilford Sussex, outside the town hall. 

There waiting for him was hi mother and a mini cab ready to take him home.

The boy, together with his mother boarded the mini cab and off they sped home, along Cranbrook Road.

Before long they came to Benwood Gardens, and in an instant turned into the street and into Southwood Gardens, stopping outside number 17.

On arrival at home it was time to prepare for lunch, the first since arriving home.

For lunch it was a steak, a basic version of Sirloin steak, and mashed potatoes.

The End

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