When December came preparations for under way to prepare for the school 's Christmas party, which was to be two days before the school broke up for the holiday as the Festive season was coming up.

Along with the party on this great day there was going to be shadow puppets and other forms of entertainment.

On the last weekend before the holiday weekend leave was suspended for all because the head had to prepare the boys for the forthcoming holiday.

Two days before the holiday was due to begin there was a grand party - loads of jelly, cakes, the lot, and what a fantastic time we all had, because as we all know, we're due to close in two days time for the Festive season, which mean's shutting the whole boarding school down for two weeks and a bit.

The party was followed by entertainment.

Every boy had to wear their best clothes as it was the school party.


                                       THE NEXT DAY

Next day, Wednesday, the boys had to have an early shower and change into their nightwear because they had a lot to do as the school was due to close the following day for the holiday. This was followed by packing all your belongings into your suitcase. For this we boys had to go up to the packing room on the third floor.

Clive peck was so excited about the holiday that he wanted everything packed straight away.

People got annoyed because  he was carrying on,  all because he was so anxious to have everything packed all at once.

He got really agitated about not having it done properly, and as result he got sent to bed early by the headmaster.

Later that night, at bedtime when all the boys were all in bed Clive Peck laughed and was made to sit on the landing by the teacher for a few minutes.


                                           NEXT DAY, THURSDAY

At 7am the bell rang as it was time to get up as usual, but it was no ordinary school day for today was the day the school was due to shut down for the school holiday.

On getting up the boys made their way down to the washroom for a strip wash, but had to hand in their dirty laundry to the school matron to wash, then they made their way to the washroom.

Next, on return to the dormitory the boys got dressed and made their way down to the dining room for breakfast.

Following breakfast the boys  returned to their dormitories to make their beds, but, instead of stripping them they pulled the sheets back to give the beds an airing as it was routine before the holiday.

The End

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