As it happened, when the time came for Clive peck to go home on weekend leave his headmaster told him that his father would  come and collect him at 6.30pm due to the fact  that it was to be the first time he would go home for the weekend, but as you know Clive made his way home, defying the orders by the headteacher, that he must remain at boarding school until his dad came to collect him and take him home.

Because of this the boy had his weekend leave stopped for the rest of the school term.

To make matters worse he raised a commotion on his return to school just as the deputy head was holding a conversation with his dad about his son defying the head's orders that he must remain on school premises until his dad came to collect him and take him home.

The boy's dad told the teacher that when he arrived at school he found that his son had completely disappeared, and that we all had to send out a search party to go and look for him, but found no trace of him.

He had done a runner.

The deputy head said that is a serious matter, for making your own way home, when told not to is a crime punishable by suspension of weekend leave for the rest of the term, and of, raising a commotion, screaming, bawling and shouting, this makes matters worse and could lead to spending a day in the school prison.

"I'm afraid that I'm going to report Clive peck's unruly behavior to the headmaster said the teacher.

"He can't get away with it, making his own way home when he should have waited for you, your son's dad, to come and collect him. 

"He has to do what he's told.

The teacher reported the boy's bad behavior to the headmaster.

The head responded by saying that the boy Clive Peck's not going home on weekend leave anymore, not until the next term because he broke every rule in the school book by doing a runner.

We had to send out a search party to go and look for him, me, the teachers and the boys but couldn't find him so I had to call the police. They too could find no sign of him.

The head relayed the news to Clive Peck the next day by saying:

"No more weekends for you".

The boy burst into tears and cried.

Come the following weekend, the first since suspension of weekend leave, the boy, by now settled in, as he had adjusted so well to not being able go home for the weekend, spent the weekend at school without any sign of home sickness.

It's amazing how the boy had adjusted very quickly to not being able to go home on weekend leave for the rest of the term.

The End

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