When the time came for Clive peck to go home on weekend leave he was told by the headmaster that his parents would come and collect him at 6.30 pm.

It was to be Clive peck’s first Weekend leave at Dunton House Hall School, a boarding school near Football, Essex. But, at 4.30 that Friday afternoon Clive peck deliberately made his way home, defying the headmaster’s orders to remain at boarding school

 Until his parents arrived to take him home.

So the rule breaker got clean away.

By the time Clive’s parents arrived at the school they found their son missing so they called the headmaster to go and look for him.

“I’m going to send out a search party to go and look for him in the school grounds. It’ll be made up of pupils and teaching staff. In conducting the search we’ll be given torches because it’s so dark outside.

“Whilst the boys are searching the grounds said the headmaster the teachers and me will search the school building. If the missing boy’s not found there’ll be trouble, I’m not standing for all this nonsense. If I catch that brat I’ll stop his weekend leave for the rest of the term.”

So the headmaster and the teachers searched the school building with the teachers but could find no trace of the missing boy. The same thing happened with the search party. They too could find no trace of the missing boy.

If that brat’s not found said the head there will be right trouble. I’m going to phone up the police to see if they can find Clive peck. They’ll search around Dunton House with specially trained  dogs to see if they can find Clive peck.

Meanwhile, Clive’s parents started to make their way home without their son. When they got home they got a nasty shock for sitting in the lounge was their son.

“Where have you been Clive? We’ve been looking for you. We got all worked up all because of you.

“I made my way home said Clive peck.

“To bed you go you perisher  said Clive’s dad.

“But I’ve got have my supper, I can’t go to bed without my supper.

“You aint getting any supper shouted Clive’s dad.”

In a temper Mr Peck, Clive’s dad threw a book at his son.

Soon after the boy was sent to bed his parents rang the boarding school and said, ‘we’ve found our son, he’s at home.

The police scouring the area for Clive peck gave up the search when they could find no trace of him so they rushed into the school building and told the headmaster that they can’t find any trace of him.

“He’s at home said the headmaster because his parents rang me up. When he comes back Sunday he’ll get what for.

When Sunday came Clive said,  ‘I don’t want to  go back, as  his father pulled at him to drag him out of the house when the time came for him to return to the boarding school after the weekend was up.

“Do as you’re told my lad, you’re going back to Boarding School whether you like it or not.”

The screaming boy was dragged out of the house and taken back to boarding school by train. And, ‘what a commotion he raised. He was screaming shouting, crying and bawling his head off. Everybody was looking at him because he was acting just like baby.

Clive hadn’t stopped crying even on the return journey. He just went on and on without a stop.

Eventually, still crying screaming and bawling Clive Peck returned to Dunton House School.

The boy acting like a baby was dragged into the entrance hall where his father told Mr Little ,the deputy headmaster about Clive Peck’s behaviour when he defied the head’s orders to remain in the school building until his parents came to collect him.

“Right, said the Mr Little Clive’s not going home on weekend leave anymore until the next term.

Even whilst Clive’s dad was talking to the deputy head Clive was still raising a commotion. The teacher told him to shut up but he just went on and on without a stop. Just as Clive Peck’s father was about to leave at the front entrance Clive tried to escape but was held back by the teacher.

“To bed you go bad boy said the teacher.”

Clive was sent to bed but allowed down for supper. After this he went back to bed.

For his punishment the boy had his weekend leave stopped for the rest of the term.

The End

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