On Monday September 9th 1963 Clive Peck  got up at 8.20 am, had breakfast and left the house at 1pm.
he arrived at Dunton House Hall at 2.55pm.
He was taken into the headteacher's office.

The headteacher Mr Rice Pudding ordered Clive to sign saying that he would remain at school until he reached the age of 16.

The head warned that if he left before he reached 16 years of age he would be roasted on the fireplace.

Soon after he signed Clive went into the dining room for tea. 
He had brick soup coupled with hair sandwiches.

After tea he went out into the playground.

Later on Clive went to unpack his suitcase then went to his dormitory to get himself ready for supper.
He put his clothes into the sideboard and wardrobe.

Boys in his dormitory included,

"Scruffy Chips, Herbert Bomb, Ian French, Michael Soap, Danny Oak and Alan Breakwater as well as himself - Clive Peck. 
Some of them were ruffians, so, better watch out Clive peck.

One boy, Herbert Bomb, was a big bully who often stuck pencils down other boys' mouths.

As it happened Clive peck bumped in Herbert Bomb on his way down to supper. 
The big bully knocked Clive Peck flying. In fact he did fly, so fast, that his head went straight through the wall at the end of the corridor.

"Help, shouted Clive Peck, my head's stuck in the wall."

Clive was grabbed by Herbert Bomb and pushed still further into the wall.

All of a sudden Mr Culprit, the deputy headteacher, rushed upstairs and saw that the wall had been broken into.

"What's all this Herbert Bomb, You've busted the wall."

But, before the head could say any more a cry rang out from inside the hole.

The teacher punched the wall in and found Clive Peck.

"What happened Clive?

"That bully pushed me into the wall.

"Come 'ere Herbert Bomb, wait till I Thrash the living daylights out of you".

So the teacher thrashed the bully Herbert Bomb.

"Clive, you can go into the shower to clean yourself up said the teacher."

So Clive went into the shower room and had a dry shower. 

soon afterwards he flew down to the school dining room and had school bully  stew for supper. This was to make his body stand up to school bullies.

The End

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