Jodie: PaymentMature

I paid him...didn't I?  

Those were the only words buzzing around my head as I trudged along home, feeling more lonely than I had in my entire life.  The stone of guilt had dropped in my belly, sucking down all of my spit with it, making my mouth drier than a desert.  My eyes, on the other hand, seemed to be somehow using that spit and ran it as salty tears down my cheeks.  I continued to march, wondering why the idiot dealer went after Blake instead of me...

I mean, I could take a beating.  Much more than Blake could, anyway.  I was used to it.  He...he wasn't.  

There was no undoing what I'd done...I missed Blake already.  I sighed to myself as I slid back into my house, wanting now more than ever to just take something enough to end it all.  

The End

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