As blake started to think he stopped and try to think were he could be. He had no idea.
“Wait!”Blake heard someone shout from behind him,It was jodie.
“Just stay away from me you stupid little bitch,”Blake said as if words could kill.
“Look, what happened im so confused?”Jodie said backing off a little.
“YOU!”Blake screamed. “You happened! Because off you im nearly dead and Ryan... well I dont even know do I , he was running behind me but somehow I ended up at your house,”
“What do you mean its my fault , what did I do?”

“What did you do?”Blake scoffed. “ What did YOU fucking do? What the hell didnt you do. You haven't been paying your bills silly cow! They didn't know were you lived but they had seen us together so they decided to send you a message.”Blake was glaring at this point.
It suddenly dawned on Jodie. She was still due her dealer money. Her mouth opened wide as she thought it was all her fault, she could have easly gave them the money she just forgot. Now it had cost blakes pain and who knows what else?

The End

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