"Yeah, were did I put it Ashley?"Ryan looked around as if the while room was empty.
"My name is Laura."Laura said still rather cold. "And if you would care to look at the table you will find it you fucking mongo!" Her anger was still rising.
"Take a chill pill mate,"Ryan barley got out from his comical laughter. He was meet with a stare that could kill from Laura. The tension could have been cut, sliced ,packed and shipped off.
 "You going to roll a joint or sit there all day,"Claire snapped.
"We have been sitting here all day while you have been lying with your legs open!"Laura screamed.
"Aww babe , Sexual Frustration is a bitch. Look at Ryan.,"Claire said gesturing towards him. "Now look at you , dose not quite fit,"
"I'm leaving,"Laura said pushing out her chair and slamming the door behind her.
There was a long pause before Claire went to sit down. Blake sat next to her and she put her hand on his lap.
 "Ill roll the joint then," Blake laughed and got to rolling.
"Im not a slag am I guys?"Claire said almost silently.
"No of course your not,"Blake said braking up the green substance into cigarette papers.
"Don't listen to her,"Ryan laughed. " She just upset that i wouldn't go near her, I mean have you seen her!"
 "Well now that's the mutant gone lets get this party started,"Claire said with a weak smile.

The End

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