Jodie: No SurpriseMature

I considered texting him again, but... I swallowed hard, taking off my headphones.  He wouldn't be coming back... I was almost sure of it.  I stared at the replyless message, a snarl bubbling in my throat and bursting through my lips as I flung my phone against the wall. 

"I HATE YOU!" I screamed, flinging my iPod along with it.  Anyone walking might think I was probably talking about my parents, and I was almost able to convince myself that I was talking about my stupid electronics, but deep down I knew... I was pissed at Blake.  I hated his guts.  I hated his face.  I hated the pleasure point that I thought I controlled.  I hated his heart.  I hated his head.  I hated his fat ass.  I hated him!  I just...

Staring at the broken pieces of my electronics, I was reminded of how fragile the fragments I called my heart really were.   I was crying, I knew, but I convinced myself that they were angry tears.  Why did I care so much?  Oh, I didn't know...the one person I could talk this through with, though, was...

Blake.  Of course.  

The End

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