Jodies Shock.Mature

After the exam Blake left school with Ryan ,Claire and someone who he found out was Laura.
"So how'd you get one last night?"Ryan said laughing.
"Alright,"He laughed
"Just alright?"Ryan widened his eyes.
"Well more than alright,"A little smile went across Blakes face.
"Haha!"Ryan put up his hand and they Hi-5ed "Decent bro!"
Claire had linked arms with Blake.
"So what was so important that happened last night?"She put her arm on Blake chest and bit her lip.
"Oh nothing you need to worry about babe,"Blake said winking.
"Good, so are you busy tonight or are you doing what you done last night?"
"No i'm free i'm finished with what i done last night,"Blake laughed thinking what it would sound like if she knew what happened.
"Anyway,"Ryan said breaking Blake and Claire's eye contact. "Were we going to smoke this?"he said reveling a small bag with some green stuff in it.
"Down by the creek , best place to get stonned,"Blake said sliding his hand onto Claire's hip.
"Plan,"They all said in unison.
"Or we could go to mine, parents are on holiday, more comfortable,"Claire said running her hand on the inside of Blake's leg.
"Even better," Ryan laughed.

When they reached Claire house Jodie text blake;
Come round, so bored?xxxx

He ignored it.
"Ill roll it,"Ryan said sitting down on the kitchen table
"Cool, that will give me time to show you the bedroom Blake,"Claire said grabbing his hand and pulling him up the stairs.

A couple hours later they came down the stairs to be meet with a chours of laughter from Ryan. 
"Sorry couldn't wait , you were like 3 hours,"Ryan burst of laughing right after he finished his sentence.
"2 Actually,"Laura snapped."2. Long. Loud. Hours."She said with a deadly glare toward Ryan who was still laughing.
"Any left,"Blake shrugged 

The End

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