Jodie: Higher than...Mature

"Take em' back off," I snarled, hoping he would notice how ugly my bunny sweater was and he'd just have to rip it off of me.  I started sucking on my thumb as Blake slid his boxers on.  "Now."

He looked at me, originally with a joking smile, but then he saw what I was doing with my thumb and he swallowed hard.  His boxers became incredibly tight, noticeably so, and his lips fell into a straight line.

"We've been late before," I crooned, tilting my head to the side and continuing my act.  "So, baby, whaddaya say you drop those stupid, restricting boxers and climb back into bed with me?" I grinned.  "I use sleeping in as an excuse all the time, but now you can use it, saying that you slept in... me." 

Blake laughed and leaned forwards, pecking me on the lips as he continued to dry his back, but I growled at him and grabbed his wrists, pulling him back into the bed.  

"Come on," I plead, tossing the towel onto the ground and gripping the fabric that he wore on his hips.  I tugged at them, watching his expression intently, his eyes widening with every inch I brought them down.

"You're serious," he mouthed, and I nodded.  

"Just get over here," I whispered, leaning my face in, when suddenly, a bzzt-bzzt went off.  Blake's phone.  I picked it up from the bedside, holding up my index finger in a 'one sec,' sort of way, and practically dropped it.  

"Hey man," the text read.  "We still hangin' after school?"  

Suddenly, I wanted to punch Blake in the balls rather than suck them.  

"Well," I whispered, putting on a brave face as I tossed the phone back. "I'm waiting here..." 

I was suddenly happy with the heinousness of my sweater...

Hours later...

My eyes crept open, and suddenly I realized the time. It was minutes to noon...wait, noon? Damn!  I sat straight up and flew out of bed, yelling at Blake to get his butt out of bed.

The End

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