The Drop off.Mature

"Yes miss,"Blake laughed.

The next morning Blake woke up at about 7, Jodie had cuddled him all night.He nudged her awake.
"What is it!"Jodie shouted.
"Wow your not a morning person are you,"Blake said half yawning.
"Aww sorry,"She said softly finally letting go of him."What time is it?"
"Seven , im just going to jump in the shower, bus comes in about an hour here right?"Blake said stretching up out of Jodie's bed.
"Yeah , that's right, mind if i join you in the shower?"She winked.
"Not enough time or I would,"He laughed his way into the bathroom.
Jodie went into the second bathroom and they both emerged about the same time. Jodie was already dressed by the time Blake came out. He lifted his boxers off the ground and put them on under the towel then began to dry himself.

The End

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