Jodie: HungerMature

Damn Blake and his stupid need for food... I was so hungry for him... But all boys, especially Blake, put their cocks and their stomachs before everything else... I just snatched all the crap up and brought it upstairs, then tossed it onto the bed.  "Best pizza ever," I mumbled, finishing up my third slice.  Yeah, okay, I was hungry too...

Blake burped and tossed his empty coke can off the bed, sweeping everything else off onto the ground with a satisfied smile. "You cook good," he said to me, grasping my hand.  I started to giggle, not like a buzzed giggle, but more like a girlish, shy, Oh-my-god! kind of giggle.  I bit my tongue to keep another from escaping, but somehow it still burst out as he pulled me right on top of him.  His lips were warm, soft against mine, and his fingers dancing down my back sent shivers down my spine.  My inner thighs were moistening as his tongue slipped into my mouth.  I closed my eyes and wriggled myself closer to his body, our bare chests grinding against each other's. I felt him squirm between my legs, getting closer to his target, and I was smiling like an idiot again as I nibbled on his lower lip.  

"Hurry up," I ordered. "Get it in!"  

The End

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