Blake had just put his phone back in his jeans pocket on the floor and lay back on the bed as Jodie walked in the room while another joint. Blake had been texting Ryan about meeting him tomorrow after school, he decided against telling Jodie that he was still going to be friends with him.
 Jodie lite the joint up with his lighter and began to puff away. Blake was shocked at how quick she seemed to have taken getting it , in Blake's mind only a couple seconds had passed.
 "Hey were's the munch eh?"Blake said with less laughter , he was too hungry.
 "Shit,"She laughed " I forgot .... Silly me,"She handed Blake the joint and went down to the kitchen and grabbed a few bags of Crisps ,some chocolate,Bottle of coke and then put a pizza in the microwave. As she was preparing the food Blake was texting Ryan talking about meeting up before school for a smoke,He agreed , he would have to think of a way to get rid of Jodie for a while. Then he looked at the clock on his phone , bloody hell , it was 10 already. Then he noticed he had 15 missed calls from his mum.
 "Hey got the food,"Jodie shouted opening the door with he elbow. "Who you texting?"
"Aww just my mum,"He laughed "You do know its bloody ten, Alright if i sleep her tonight?"He smiled.
"Sure,"She laughed. "Should be fun."she said jumping on top of Blake kissing him and running her hands underneath the cover.
"Food first then sex,"Blake smirked.
A bleep was herd down the stairs.
"That will be the pizza be right back , the faster we eat...."She ran down to the kitchen.
Blake grabbed his phone and deleted his chat history with Ryan after he texted;
'She you tomorrow mate bought to get my five a day lol.'
He then text his mum letting her know he was staying at Jodie's house then he turned off his phone and waited on Jodie which didn't seem that long.

The End

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