Jodie: Not That FunnyMature

I had to force a smile as I pecked his lips, nibbling the lower one as I slowly pulled away.  I didn't know if I could even make him another one, much less food, but the desire engulfed me completely, and I realized...I could go for a smoke right about now, too...

I hurried along with it, forgetting about the food while I cooked up our little taste of awesomeness in the kitchen, imagining the amazingness that was my best friend that lay upstairs in my bed.  I was so happy, feeling tingly all over, and for once I was actually happy that my parents were out of the house and didn't tell me.

Running back up the stairs, shaking with excitement, I extended it to Blake, but as he reached out for it, I whispered, "Let's share," as I sat down next to him.  I felt his warm arms around me again, and I smirked.  "Halfsies?" 

He nodded, kissing my neck, and I knew I had him.  I was so delighted; I felt like wearing a bright yellow outfit.  I hadn't a care in the world, and I wasn't even wired yet.

The End

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