Slowly and Satisfactory.Mature

Blake put the joint in his mouth and got the lighter from his jeans on the floor. He then went on to spark it up on Jodie's bed. He took a large draw , left it in his mouth a while and inhaled the smoke . He exhaled the remainder slowly and satisfactory.
 As he took more draws of the weed the world became more colorful , every colorful mixed in with the next like a constant rainbow across the room, he turned his head quickly but he seen it happen at a speed about 4 times longer.
 His eyelids started to droop so his eyes were only open enough for time to see, just.
"I'm waiting,"Jodie said rather inpatient.
Blake replied with laughter , it was like Jodie had just said the most funniest thing in the world but all she had said was 'I'm waiting'.
 Blake moved his tongue around in his mouth , it was incredibly dry, as thinking that his stomach felt empty as well.
 "Hey could....could.....erm what was i going to say,"Blake said bursting into a fit of laughter. "Oh yeah , could you!"Blake shouted then started to giggle. "Get me a drink and some food i'm marvin over her,"Blake laughed even harder "Marvin ...hahahaha..... MARVIN ...HAHAHAHA..... that's SO FUNNY!" He started on his laughing  again while Jodie just looked amused at him, he was always so funny when he was stoned , she though.
"Sure....,"She said slipping back onto the bed."But when I get back you have to do something for me,"When she finished she was , again, on top of Blake. She leaned into kiss him when she was interrupted  by another laughing fit.
"You mean sex right?"He said giggling  all the way threw the sentence.
"Yes,"She tried to say as seductively as humanly possible but all she got was a round of laughter. "Is that a deal?"Jodie said walking out the room.
"Yeah sure, food for sex?"He began to laugh again. He went to take a draw of his joint which he had been doing between laughing only to burn his fingers, it was finished but he could swear he had just sparked it up. "Hey while your down there make another joint, more weed this time though?"He said half normal and have with a giggle of a two year old.

The End

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