Jodie: Nice Big JointMature

Smiling in my room as I held out the piece of awesome for Blake, I thought of the hilarity of the terms...he asked me to roll him a joint...When he was finished, I would surely be rolling his nice big joint...

Climbing back on top of him and kissing his lips, I asked myself how I had ever even questioned him being gay...after that amazing example, he was definitely, for sure not even close to being gay.  

"Here," I whispered, slipping it into his hand.  "Hurry up, though...I wanna fiddle around with another big joint soon."  I saw his eyes light up, and something was tightening as it grazed my inner thighs.  "Come on," I sighed, swinging onto his other side and pulled something out from under my bed.  I waved it to him as I leaped off of my bed, taking a seat on the ground.  "I'll be waiting."  The buzzing sound let him know just how impatiently I was going to be waiting.

The End

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