There lips were as close to each other as they could be without kissing.

An hour later Jodie was nestling into Blake's chest. "That was great,"Jodie panted "I mean I didn't think you would be that good , well good is not word!"She laughed.
"Yeah that was alright,"Blake laughed."So fancy rolling me a joint babe?"He asked running his fingers up and down her hips.
"Well after that you can have what ever you want!"Jodie said in a tone that was meant to give him the power which was strange for her , she had lost all the power in what ever they had together. She leap on top off him kissed him and jumped off him as quick as she got on him.
"I be back in five , left the skins down the in the kitchen,"She walked slowly and watched Blake watch her and laughed. She started thinking a lot of felling for Blake all at once , she even missed him already it was weird she had never been like this around anyway like this apart from....no she pushed that thought to the back of her mind.
She returned to her room with a joint for Blake. He was lolling on the bed in the same position with the cover leaving his body on show but not the whole package on show even knew what she was in store for, this thought cheered her up, her mind was off her parents and on Blake.

The End

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