Jodie: GamesMature

"If that's dickwad, you answer and you'll never be allowed within even ten feet of me again," I spat, glancing up at Blake with narrowed eyes.  Then, I didn't want to have to play this card, but...I leaned in and kissed him full on the lips, my fingers tangling in his hair.  I took a tiny breath and kissed him again, my arms wrapping around his neck and holding him to me.  His eyes closed, but I remained staring at him.  His eyelashes were so long, his freckles starting at the top of the bridge of his nose...yes, he was cute...

I finally released his lips, my arms still around him, a smirk on my lips.  "So," I whispered.  "Him..." I jerked my head at his phone.  "Or me?"  I pecked his lips quickly again, and I smiled.  I let my hand slip from his neck to down his sides, grazing them and then holding his hips.  I squeezed them, grasping them firmly, when he leaned in to kiss me again.  

The End

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