Well This is a Different Angle.Mature

"Hey so what we going to do ,  crack open a bag weed and kick Mario old school?"He started to laugh, he sensed something was wrong with here but he didn't know what so he thought he might try and cheer her up.
 "Did we not do that last week?"She said rather spiteful. She whipped a look that could kill in his direction after it. Right he thought , something is wrong , she has never turned down Mario? but whats up with her . Should i just be upfront or is that to direct?
 "So what do you want to do?" he finished not even thinking he opened his mouth.
Jodie opened her mouth to talk and then the worse think for him happened , a bleep came from his phone. Her mouth closed tightly , her eyes turned to his phone in a icy stare she then looked up in the same way. 

The End

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