Jodie: Crying to MyselfMature

I'm sure he thought that I was getting glasses for the drinks, but I instead went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet.  My stomach was churning, but not in the way of a Number 2, but like I was about to vomit.  My eyes prickled with the sudden onset of tears, and before I knew it I was full-on sobbing.  My parents only stayed with me for, what, about two weeks at a time?  They took these "vacations" whenever they wanted, and I was always expected to take care of myself.  

I quickly dried my eyes and hurried out of the bathroom, slapping a smile on my face as I snatched some glasses out of my mom's cupboard and grabbing a beer for myself.  I was never too fond of vodka, even on the first time I tried it when I was three.  

"Glasses!"  I crowed, putting them on the counter in front of Blake, when I noticed his phone in his hands.  He was smiling at, what else?  I sneaked a peek...Ryan...what did that sonofabitch want now?  

The End

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