A Drink and A Text.Mature

The rest of the bus journey was silent.
They got off the bus and walked to Jodies house which was minutes away from the bus stop.
She went to open the door but it was locked. 
"Must be out,"Blake said.
"All good got my keys," Jodie said with a devilish smile.
She got her keys out the bag and opened the door.
A note was on the table it read;
Hey jodie , me and dad will be out all night wont be back till tomorrow morning , there is money on the tv for a take away and help yourself to anything in the fridge.

"Looks like we have a free house!"Jodie shouted with glee. 

They went up the stair and dumped there bags in the corner. After a while they went down to the kitchen and seen vodka and wine , Jodie took it out a lay it on the bunker.
"She did say help ourself,"She smiled

Blake phone went after she spoke , she went to get glasses while blake read his text , it was from ryan.

The End

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