Jodie: A long bus ride homeMature

" aren' aren't gay, right?"  I blurted, dropping by bag between my feet as we sat down.  "I mean, your reaction in me...when I..." I cleared my throat and leaned my head against the window, my eyes narrowing.  "You aren't, right?"

Blake looked at me, his eyebrows knit together.  He poked out his tongue, trying to get me to give him even a slight impression that I was joking, but I was serious.  I could see it in his eyes that the dam of misunderstanding break, and his mouth formed an O as he slowly began to comprehend.  "No, no, no!  No!" he whispered, his voice crowing louder as he repeated the word.  "No, I'm not gay!" he said, dropping his voice back down after raising it to almost a yell.  

"Oh," I said with a small voice.  "Well, that...that's good," I said with a sheepish slow nod.  So, that means that Claire and him really could end up being...Ugh, I wanted to throw up, thinking about her.  I mean, sure, she was pretty, but she was too much of a stoner-slut to even consider knocking on my wall of friendship, or even acquaintanceship.  I remembered the day she tried to be, well, nice to me.  

"Wanna light?" she had asked, extending the box of cigarettes to me.  I smiled and took one, pulling the lighter out of my pocket.  She tried to make girl talk, something I was never particularly good at, but she kept on trying. "Isn't Brad, like, the sexiest studcake you've ever seen?  I just wanna eat him up and lick off his icing!" she squealed.  

It was that line that made me really look at her.  Her eyes were all red and squinty, a pair of sunglasses hanging from her low-cut tank top.  Her shorts were so short that I almost didn't notice that she was wearing any, other than the fact that the jean colour stood out from her Summer-tanned skin.  I hated people who dressed down for attention, especially if they do more than just dress the part.  It was in the middle of the Summer when that conversation took place, last year before high school, but it wasn't a surprise that she dealt her V-card to the first guy that was willing to play the game.  

I just nodded, hoping she didn't notice as I wrinkled my nose in disgust, just leaning against the wall to our elementary school as I watched my little brother play on the swings of the park.  

"So..." I said, trying to make conversation, when Blake's question brought me up short.

"You really thought that I'd give you a standing ovation like that if I was gay?" 

The End

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