Jodie: Watching Them PlayMature

Tears stung my eyes as we walked back in to a round of applause.

"Talk about dramatic exits!" our teacher cried. "Take a bow!"  I forced a smile and did as she said, then made my way back to my seat, Blake close behind.  "Such passion!  Such character!  I really felt for your character of Julie, Jodie!  She had such personality!  And then when you were Clara, oh!  If only Julie had seen what she was doing..."  She turned to Blake.  "And Blake!  You portrayed Brad stupendously!  How did you do that last little bit?  Did you sneak a cucumber down your pants as a prop?"

"No," Blake said, sitting down at his desk.  "It was 100% me."

"Oh." Our teacher's voice dropped to a whisper.  "Oops...well, all in all, great job!  I'll hand your marks back tomorrow.  Next, next, who wants to go next?"  

Next up was Jake Aldin and Lorraine Baker, the baseball superstar and the cheerleader.  They were the school's second "it" couple, next to Marcus Finch and Romilda Taylor, football quarterback and head cheerleader.  It was no surprise to me that their play was about nothing, because they had been making out in the hallway when they were supposed to be writing their play.  

"So, like, um," Lorraine said, twirling her long blond hair and chomping on some bubble gum.  

"Would ya go to the dance with me," Jake droned in a bored tone, his hands in his pockets as he (quite obviously) stared at her boobs that were popping out of her dreadfully low-cut shirt.  

"Omigod, I thought you'd never ask!" Lorraine screeched, grasping his hand.  "I gotta go call my besties!"

The sad part was, that was how she acted all of the time.  I rolled my eyes, turning my cheek onto my palm and forcing myself to stay awake.

"Riveting, as always, my dears," my teacher said with a yawn, rubbing her eyes.  "Alright, who's next?"

"Ouch!" I exclaimed, a ball of paper striking my forehead.

"Shut up, you've already gone," some kid yelled.  

I glared at him and picked the crumpled up sheet up.  It was a note.  From Blake.  Of course it was from Blake; no one else would dare write to me.

"Hey...can we talk?" 

I pulled out a pen and jotted down my response. 

"I don't know; can we? :p" I crumpled it back up and looked around to make sure I wasn't being watched, but luckily the eyes that weren't glazed over were focused on Taryn James and Stephanie Auren.  

"I think so...sorry, may we talk?" the note read, landing on my desk yet again.  

"Sure...did you catch the game last night?" I teased, lobbing it back at Blake. 

"You know what I mean," he wrote, and I could feel his anger portrayed by the darkness of his letters.  He always pushed harder when he was upset.

"Enlighten me."

I could almost see him rolling his eyes as his pencil scratched the page.  "The play.  Me.  You.  Us.  The smokes.  My new friends.  What's been going on with you, Jodie?"  

I almost laughed out loud...what's been going on with me?  Me?  He's the one that something's been going on with!  

I began to write my answer, spewing acid all over the page with my words, but then scratched it out.  I had to handle this maturely.  I mean, that was the only way to get him to stop.  Outsmart him.  

I was suddenly wishing that I hadn't given him that cigarette this morning...if I hadn't, we wouldn't be in this mess...

The End

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