Oh my.Mature

" Oh my god , why did you do that?" He shouted
"Well i didnt think you would be so happy about it,"She laughed
Blake gave he a cold look , jodie had never seen him so angry, no not angry , its almost like he looked at her as if he saw nothing more than ant on the ground.

"Look im sorry, but i couldnt help myself your just so,"She said leaning iin a kissing him ,putting her hand back to the place that had cause all the comotion. Blake kissed her back , but soon pushed her off him.

"No, No, just no,"He said as if it was his sister had kissed him."It would rewin are freindship , he let of a tiny smile.
"lets go back into class,"Jodie said dumbfounded , she made a fool of herself because she let he felling for blake take over. Im so stupid , she said to herself, why would he want me when he has claire. 

The End

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