Jodie: Play TimeMature

"Huh," I said thoughtfully, careful not to overact.  "I wonder why he's not replying..." 

I looked around and made an exagerated  shocked face, looking right at Blake.  "He's ditching me?" I asked the audience, and I saw my teacher jot something down on the clipboard with a smile, nodding.  "He's ditching me!" I exclaimed.  "Well, if he expects me to forgive him easily, he's sorely mistaken!"  I glared at Blake, who then looked at me.  I gave him a smirk, and ran off of the stage, shouting, "End of scene one!"  

Scene two was me, as another character, named Clara (so he wouldn't think that it was about Claire) an overly flirty, slutty kind of character.  To add costuming for bonus marks, I pulled my shirt down a bit and removed my sweater.  

"Wow, you have some really nice thighs," I drawled, leaning my head onto his shoulder as we sat on two chairs I had laid out as our scenery.  I began to rub his thigh, like I imagined Claire did, when suddenly Blake wasn't acting any more.  His face turned as red as a tomato as his jeans grew a little bulge in the crotch area, getting bigger by the rub I gave.  He quickly put his hands in his lap and I stopped rubbing, trying to continue with the lines.  "Um, well, I really like you, Blake," I said, needing to clear my throat a few times.  

"End of scene two!" Blake squeaked quickly, and ran out of the classroom.  I followed him closely, my face going red as well.  

The End

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