Jodie: ForgottenMature

Blake and I always worked together for partner projects.  Always.  It was a known fact.  Not that anyone else in the class would work with us besides each other, anyway...

"Any ideas?" Blake asked.  Of course, just as always, it was my job to come up with the creative part of the work.  I had an idea, of course, but he would hate it...anyway, since he wouldn't be able to come up with anything better, I told him.

"So there's this kid," I began, my voice hushed in a whisper.  "And his best friend and him were supposed to go out to lunch...and she had a surprise for him...but he ditched her..."  

I continued to explain, jotting down a script as I explained, and by the time I was finished (more of a rant than a play, exactly) we had around five minutes left.

"Learn your lines.  I already know mine."  I was happy to get it off of my chest, and it was the only thing on my brain.  I can't be creative and pissed at the same just doesn't work that way.  

"Time's up, my little chickies!" the teacher cried, making rooster sounds.  "Who wants to go first?"

With a sly smile, I shot my hand straight into the air.  

"Blake and Jodie!  Welly well well!  This surely is a first!" 

The End

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