A Good Day.Mature

“Your alright you know” They words rang in Blakes head all day, he was so happy eveyone treated him like one of 'the gang'. It was almost like he was no longer blake the outcast or gake , he was just Blake and he was happy to finally be just Blake. “You smoke Blake?”Said claire offereing blake a cigarette.Claire had blonde hair down to her shoulders.She was wearing a Guns n' Roses T-Shirt ,a really tight, Guns n' Roses T-Shirt.Blake did not notice much else. “Eh, yeah , thanks,”He smiled. “No problem babe,”She winked. Claire got out her lighter and sparked Blakes Cigarette when it was in his mouth 'accidentally' stroking his jaw line. They talked briefly on there way to kfc.When they got there blake followed ryan to the counter.Claire was behind. The three sat at one side of the table and the others at the other side. They started eating when claire dropped sauce on his skinny jeans on his grouch and before blake could react she had already wetted her finger and began to rub it off. “Sorry about that,”She said like butter would not melt. “It's fine,”blake said making himself smile. “Your smile is so cute,”She said placing her thumb on his lip. “Anyway” Ryan interrupted snigering. “I'm getting a couple gram tomorrow, you up for it blake, you can too if you want claire”He laughed seeing claire stareing at the back off blakes head. “Yeah sure t-”He began. “Your hair is so straight and soft,” interrupted claire yanking on blakes hair. Everyone burst out laughing inculding blake while claire continued pulling on blakes hair. They made there way back to school when the bell went , claire gave him a hudge hug and went to her class. “See you tomorrow blake , ill text you the details tonight!”Ryan shouted going to his class to. Blake looked around and found jodie.“Alright Jodie , we got drama aye?”She nodded.“By the way can i use your phone to phone my mum to say im going straight to yours , mines is dead ?”
The End

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