Jodie: AloneMature

"That son of a bitch!" I growled through my teeth, watching Blake strut along with Ryan...that punk...I hated much...then, suddenly, before I could stop it, a flashback was passing before my tearing eyes.


"Wanna play a game?" little bitty Ryan asked, squeezing my hand.  

"Like what?" I asked, looking up at him with wide eyes as we sat in the sandbox.  It was the second grade, and he had just told me he liked me.  My rosy cheeks had never been more red.  

"Big kid games.  I see my brother doing this all the time," he said with a big grin, his two front teeth missing.

"Are you going to tell me what it is or not, silly billy?"  I cried, smoothing my sunny yellow dress with the hand that wasn't clasped in young Ryan's.  

"This isn't show and tell, sweetheart," he said with a cheesy grin, leaning in.  I giggled.

"Whatcha doin?" I asked, my face turning more and more red by the second.

"Shush, your mouth needs to be closed for you to win this game," he said, bringing his face even closer to mine.


I shuddered, remembering as that creep's perfect little lips pressed down on mine...I was so young, so innocent...what did I do to deserve that torture?  I glared at Blake walking away with Ryan, and thought...eugh...why did I think that...I thought about wanting to hold Ryan's hand again, to be with them...wherever they were going...

Whatever, I told myself quickly, pulling a cigarette out of my pocket and lighting up.  Huh; the one time I blow a perfect smoke ring, and Blake's not here to see it... 

The End

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