A text.Mature

Blake's phone vibrated,he slyly put it at the side of his leg, I was a text for jodie.
 It read;

"Hey...bored out of my skull...come see me at lunch...at nurse's office...save meh!"

Blake began to text;

"Sorry i cant im going to kfc with ryan."

He was about to press send when he realised  jodie would be anoyed that he was blowing her off. He contemplated saying he was ill and going home for lunch when he remembered she was AT the nurses office. He couldn't think of anything to say so he decided to ignore the text.
 The bell went shortly after , He and Ryan got up and walked out into the playground on the way down the street ,They meet up with some of Ryan friends in the playground and started to walk out of school, Unknown to Blake Jodie was waiting at there usual meeting place watching from a distance.

The End

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