Jodie: The drop-offMature

She's so irresponsible...hiding it in the girls' washroom...but, at least she cooks it up cheap...20 dollars was nothing...

I snuck into the girls' bathroom and followed her instructions, dropping the baggie into my pocket (if they took my backpack, at least I'd still have it, right?) and made my way to the nurse's office.  

"I have a headache," I groaned, putting my forehead dramatically.  I've been told that I'm hot-headed, which really helped when she checked me for a fever.

"Go lie on the cot," she said dismissively, waving me over and sticking her nose back into her crappy romance novel.  

"Thanks," I moaned, dragging myself over and lying down.  This sort of sucked, though, because I couldn't do my fix under the nurse's supervision...I texted Blake.

"Hey...bored out of my skull...come see me at nurse's meh!"

The End

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