The Pick Up.Mature

"You okay Jodie?"Blake whispered.
"Yeah in fine!"She shouted.
"Outside!"Miss Ketchup shouted.
Jodie grabbed her bag and walked outside then stood at the door,Miss ketchup soon followed her and closed the classroom door.
"Do you have the money?"The teacher whispered.
Jodie reached in her bag and gave her 20 dollars.
"Second years girls bathroom , third stall third back panel, After you have it go to the nurse saying that i sent you because you have a sore head, don't take any until lunch or the nurse will know."She whispered"Now go hurry up i have a class to teach,Come back at the end of lunch to collect a detention"She said raising her voice to avoid suspicion.
Jodie swiftly began her journey to the bathroom. 

The End

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