Jodie: EnglishMature

I had to admit, it was a little weird getting my supply from my English teacher, but at least I had a lower chance of getting caught, and plus she would get in trouble for supplying me if anyone snooped.  I could just play it cool, lie, and say how she forced me to do it.  Bitchy thing to do, but it's better than jailing me.  

Anyway, what was Ryan's deal?  Like, clinging to Blake like static!  And I was the one who introduced him to the smokes in the first place!  This was beginning to get interesting...I just hoped they wouldn't get too close...I didn't want to have to pass some bad pills off to Blake, saying to give them to Ryan...I mean, Blake could get into trouble for that...and...oh, what am I talking about?  I hated that kid!  Watching him almost canoodling with my best friend was disgusting...I sure hoped that Blake wouldn't turn into one of...eugh, one of them...but it would also be good if he learned how to defend himself...

The End

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