Your becoming a question mark to me.Mature

What the hell was jodie problem with Ryan, was she jealous, no it cant be she isn't a jealous person. Was it affect of that stuff she has been taking.
 Blake continued to walk to English with Ryan at one side and jodie at the other. She kept starring at ryan , Maybe she fancied him she might just be doing the playground thing to get his attention.
 He pondered on many reasons for Jodie's behaviour when they reached the classroom and he had not came to a reasonable conclusion.
 He walked into the classroom and sat next to Ryan and Jodie sat next to him.This is going to be a fun lesson he thought to himself.
 "Right guys get out your jotters"Miss Ketchup said"Come on don't sit there doing nothing,"She said fluttering around the classroom.
 "She's probably drunk again"Ryan laughed nudging Blake who started laughing. 

The End

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