Saved by the Ryan.Mature

Blake was hesitant at first but he really wanted to try it.He put his nose down ready to snort the white powder.The bell rang,he dropped the mirror and the white stuff blew away.
 "Shit sorry jodie,"He said excpeting her to be mad but she was spinning in circles singing ring a ring a roses."Come on , we have to get to class what do you have?"He asked will ushering her back into school.
 "I got blogey"She said exploding in laughter.
 "Ill take that as biology,look there's gavin"He said pointing over to gavin"Go with him to biology,"He said pushing her in that direction when she started screaming 'GAVALOUR'.
 Blake started on his way to physics when he ran into ryan.
"Alright blake,"He said noticing him"We got physics right?"He asked already knowing the answer to the question.
"Yeah,we better get going or were going to be late,"He replied quickly trying to avert his gaze away from the screaming retard that was jodie.
He started walking and ryan  followed and they once again got lost in conversation when they reached the classroom.
Ryan once again sat next to blake. He had become comfortable around him , he felt strange , accepted.
 "You know blake your a pretty sound guy , i don't know why people are on you back ,"He smiled. "Don't tell anyone i said this,"He began to whisper "But but there all stupid cunts!" They both burst out laughing only to be silenced by the roaring of Mr James. 
 After that they finished there work in about 10 minutes, while everyone else was sitting there like apes being handed a ball in a cup, they continued talking quietly until the bell went.
 They  started walked to english together when they were inturupted by scott, the school's bullied.
"That your boyfreind gake?"he said without realising who was with him.
"Sorry , what did you just say?"Ryan said stepping infrount of scott.
"Eh nothing blake,"Scott said woriiedly
"Ha funny i thought you just reffered to me and blake here as gay?"He laughed.
"Yeah to blake , but not you ryan, i would never say that,"He gulped as ryan stepped forward. 
"Well Scott"He said slamming him into the window."Don't do it again"He finished by kneeing him in that special guy place and walked off,blake followed.
"That was....."Blake began to stutter.
"Don't mention it man, if anyone gives you any bother just come tell me okay, not that you need to you could have taken him easily!"ryan said.

"Thanks,"blake smiled.

"No problem." 
They continued to English when he noticed leah, luckily she was back to normal, well as normal as l jodie was. She seemed shocked to see ryan with blake again, it was weird.

The End

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