Jodie: Me? Act...weird?Mature

"Come on, baby!" I exclaimed. "I told ya I wanted ya to try something!"  I pulled out a mirror from my bag, a knife and a little vial from my back pocket.  "Take a seat, my son," I said, gesturing to the ground.  "I'll draw you a line."

I poured half of the contents onto the mirror, cutting the lines in two.  "This one's yours," I told him, pointing at the one closer to him.  "And that one's mine."

"What...what do I do with it?" Blake asked, looking at her intently.

"Ya snort it!" I cried, delighted.  "Right up the good ol' schnoz!"  

Blake's eyes widened in shock.  Snort...?

"Want me to go first?" I asked, poking his shoulder.  "Scaredy-cat?"

"Yeah, sure," he told me, and I giggled.  

"Here it goes!" I exclaimed, pulling the mirror up to my nose and sniffing it up.  "Ah!"  Half of my line in each nostril...I tossed my head back, shaking it all around my nose, and now all I had to do was wait for the effect to take place.

The End

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