Jodie: ExperiencesMature

"Well, that was interesting," Blake said, and suddenly, that was the funniest thing that I had ever heard.  I whipped my head back and laughed, unable to stop once I started.   

"Untweestwin," I said with a giggle, grabbing his hand.  "Ya know, that's an untweestwin word."  Even in my buzzed state, seeing Blake talking to Ryan was weird.  Really weird.  I'd heard about Ryan these days, but I tuned pretty much all gossip out. He definitely looked like the Mr. Popular type, attractive, definitely, but I could smell him way before I saw him.  He was even more definitely not my type, but maybe I could be his...No matter how amazing that thought was, the one thing that I couldn't get past was Ryan Hickson with...Blake.  

"Are you...are you okay?"  he asked, his gaze locked on mine.  I would have thought that he would have taken his hand away, but I guess loverboy still had some feelings for me.  I squeezed his hand and rested my head on his shoulder, skipping down the hallway.  "Compwooter time!" I cried, twirling around.  

An hour later, when class let out, I looked at him with gooey eyes.  I had finally come down, but I was seriously craving more.

"Listen, kiddo," I said, throwing my arm around his shoulders and hugging him sideways.  "I need you to try something, baby.  It's so hot.  Youdda love it."  

The End

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