Well that was interesting.Mature

Jodie and blake were sitting in there first lesson,maths. As per usual blake was doing jodies work for her but then something out of the ordinary happened. Ryan,the most popular boy in school sat next to blake. He was unaware at the time but he was shocked when he began to speak.
 "Aright blake, hows it going man"He said like he was talking to one of his friends. 
Blake turned to see who had just called his name. He looked surprised, not scared though. Unlike most popular boys ryan was not a bully , he was nice to everyone and every liked him not a single person hated him, not even leah.
 "Yeah im fine,how are you?"Blake said like he was speaking to an alien.
 "Im not to bad, i didnt know you smoked , i seen you today?"Ryan said getting out his books.
 "Eh yeah i have for ages , no one took any notice really."
For the rest of the lesson ryan and blake talked. They had a lot in common , they both liked Manga , videogames and sports,they were both really smart and never found themselves with nothing to talk about during that lesson.
 At the end of the lesson they started packing up there stuff and began to walk out the class.
 "What you got next blake?"Ryan said following jodie and blake out the door.
 "Computing,"Blake said.
 "Well i have art , wait for me at the main door at lunch"Ryan said going in the other direction to the art department.
 "Cool"Blake said "Well that was interesting"He said turning to Jodie. 

The End

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