Jodie: Weekend CrashesMature

"How was your weekend?" Blake asked, and I felt my eyes prickle with the sudden tears attacking them.  I wiped my eyes quickly and turned my head to the side, finishing my cigarette and flicking the butt onto the ground, crushing it with my heel.

"Good," I answered simply, my heart stuttering a fragile beat.  I almost got caught again...when my dad gets drunk, he turns into the world's biggest snoop.  "You?"

I was writing in my diary on Sunday(I know what you're thinking; me, keeping a diary) about my day on Saturday, the amazing trip I took with some people I met at the mall.  They gave me a little baggie to take home, and warned me not to take it all on one trip, so I didn't.  Naturally, I kept it in my "purse", a place my dad never goes.  He came in just as I was adding the details of the amazing trip and how everything looked.  

"Are you masturbating?" my dad asked as I hurriedly pushed my diary under my pillow...I was writing on my crossed legs in my nightdress.  I turned red, naturally, but I know what I was doing.  Not that.

Anyway, I guess I sort of tuned out when Blake was telling me about his weekend, because the next thing I knew, we were at school.  

The End

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