Jodie: Falling DownMature

I hated the smelly bus and all of the smelly people on it.  Everyone had their own stereotypes about them, and, of course, about me.  My clothes that day were my favourite black jeans, a superman t-shirt (horribly sexist, I know) a green hoodie, and my lucky white vans.  I was kicking a small rock between my feet and twirling my blond hair, my eyes glazed over, when the bus finally pulled up.  I looked up from my feet and thought, oh, great, loverboy is there.  Loverboy was my nickname for Blake Carter, because after he pushed me into the mud in the first grade, then kissed me on the cheek to make up for it, well, the entire grade thought that he was in love with me, and who was I to disagree?  I climbed onto the stinky yellow monster and trudged down the isle, sitting down next to him. "Hi," I said, chewing on a lock of my hair.  "What's up?"

Ever since the kiss, we kind of became best friends, but not in that boy-girl way.  I guess I liked him a little bit in that way, but I knew that we were better off as friends.  That meant that I could clobber him with my fists or mud, and not have to "kiss it better" every time.  We were in high school now, and we were surprisingly still friends.  I hadn't made very many girlfriends, so we stuck together.  A lot of the guys he tried to hang out with thought he was gay, and being teens, that's just frowned upon.  So, it was the two of us.  Blake and Jodie, taking on the world.  Little did I know that our world was about to get a whole lot bigger.

The End

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