Andrew's Story (Amp Squad)

          I was born in Canada and raised in LA. At the age of 14, my right arm was cut off. You see, I was heavily into drugs and gangs at the time. When I came to my senses and attempted to leave the gang, they cut off my right arm to ensure that I'd never cause them trouble again, plus to act as a warning to all other members who contemplated quitting.

          However, my father was a CIA agent and demanded retribution. He replaced my missing limb with this custom-made military grade arm cannon. It runs on solar power and fires bursts of pure energy. So with my new weapon, I went back to the gang and got my vengeance. However, a superhero named Brick (had the durability of a brick wall) noticed my activities and encouraged me to use my weapon for justice instead of revenge. With that in mind, I left home and went out to find a famous superhero league willing to take me in. So, here I am, a member of the Army of Superhuman Individuals. I'm pretty proud of myself. Maybe, when I get a little more famous, I'll join the army. That'd be cool; I'm sure they could use an arm like mine. 

          There's a bit more to that, but... I don't want to get into it tonight. So, I guess it's your turn, Elyssa. 

The End

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